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SLP Scotia Pte Ltd

Established in 2013 through a joint venture of SLP and Scotia Property. With this, the agency has since secured more than 30 projects both in Singapore and overseas. In a business where size matters, the sheer number of closed knitted associates allows the agency to diversify in different segments of real estate. SLP Scotia emerges with a team of Real Estate professionals whose focus on investment-grade residential and commercial properties transactions. With this experience and proven track records, its associates are able to carry out diligent search, analysis and conduct feasibility studies on sites, identifying potentiality of redevelopment for its values clients. With active marketing activity to prime properties in both Singapore and overseas, it successfully secured more than 30 projects for redevelopment and marketing.

SLP Scotia has 700 associates with extensive clientele database and strong relationships with external real estate agencies. This close relationship with other associates allow SLP Scotia the advantage in selling out and outperform peers in project launches. An elite group of division Directors are handpicked to lead coordination and planning of marketing activities, to ensure best results are delivered to our esteemed property developers. Constant reviews of marketing strategies one to take advantage of the rapid change in the market trend. Empowered with in-house analysis team, SLP Scotia ensures marketing strategies are accurately targeted on the right profile of buyers, assuring above-market returns for launches.

Scope of Services provided include

  1. Corporate investment, eg. enbloc, private treaty, joint venture, etc
  2. New Project Launches, including international property
  3. Sales and Resales
  4. Lease and Tenancy


  1. Scotia own projects
  2. Scotia Academy, our training wing
  3. Scotia Family

List of projects currently marketed by SLP Scotia

SLP Scotia East-Coast-Collections   Ecopolitan LogoSLP Scotia - Ecopolitan EC     SLP Scotia Vue 8 ResidenceSLP Scotia Vue 8 main   Founders of SLP Scotia

  1. Steven Seah , CEO
  2. Mel Pek , Executive Director
  3. Jimmy Giam , Executive Director
  4. Derek Lim , Executive Director